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Trike Conversions

Cypress Creek Motorsports is proud to be a dealer for Motor Trike Conversions. Motor Trike’s conversions are the top performing trikes in the market. These products exceed expectations in the three most requested trike categories: exceptional handling, smooth ride, and superior trunk design.

Ride Quality

If you are looking for the smoothest, most stable, best handling trike ride available, then you are looking for a Motor Trike. They offer an Independent Rear Suspension on many of their conversions. This alone makes for a great ride by allowing each wheel on the same axle to move independently of each other. This gives each wheel the ability to address the road undisturbed by activities of the other wheel offering better ride quality and handling. However, Motor Trike did not stop there. They designed and patented an air ride suspension that offers over four inches of wheel travel. Then, they lowered the spring rate to create a more comfortable ride with plenty of ‘give’ when traveling over bumpy terrain or with an extra passenger, heavy cargo, or pulling a trailer. Because of the adjusted and softened spring rate, optimum ride quality is reached. Motor Trike also uses rubber bushings on all suspension components and uses rubber bushing mounted differentials to reduce the noise, vibration, and harshness that can be bothersome. Because the roll center height has been lowered, both tires are kept in contact with the road at all times which helps to prevent rolling. And finally, Motor Trike uses a calibrated sway bar to ensure comfortable and secure cornering. With all of these preventative measures in place, the inconsistencies in the road are completely absorbed creating an effortless ride.

If you are interested in converting your motorcycle to a trike, contact us and let us build your conversion today.